Design for children’s wear, how did it all start?

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As we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Baby Dior this year, it is time to look back at the beginning of children's wear design.

Today, children’s wear is fully integrated in the fashion landscape and almost all major brand have developed their lines for the littles ones. It sound like  a very recent concept but has actually  been going on for quite a while.


Jeanne Lanvin, whose logo represents herself and her daughter Marguerite, created children dresses before moving on to women’s wear. Inspired by the innocence, wonder and enchantment of childhood she created delicate handsewn pieces for her beloved daughter. Deeply admired by her clients who requested such outfits for their children, Lanvin opened the very first children’s wear department in 1908.


Marc Bohan, Christian Dior’s successor soon followed and opened the first Baby Dior store in 1967. He made his first designs at the age of seven by creating fantastic costumes for his little friends and his love of childhood never faded ! He dressed some of the most famous child and mother couples such as Elizabeth Taylor and her daughter Liz as well as the Princess Grace of Monaco and her children. To this day Cordélia de Castellane, head of Baby Dior is still deeply committed to keep the youthful and joyful universe cherished by her predecessors in all her collections.



In due time brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Fendi, Kenzo created their children lines too. Two major trends have emerged : the « mini me », a smaller version of adults’ fashion and the « back to childhood » trend with a classic or vintage youthful look !


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