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You may have spotted her on our Instagram page or seen her in our Parisian boutique, La Française dolls are real beauties !



 These beautiful handmade dolls are precious treasures. Graceful, refined and delicate and refined they are an emblem of French elegance. 


   The mere sight of their sparkling crowns and gorgeous little purses make us dream and travel into a fairy tale world. Their darling faces and ballerina like skirts revive happy childhood souvenirs. Poetic and romantic they bring joy to the heart !




   Unique, with their very own special names, these dolls are precious decorative objects. Made with love and great care they are an ideal gift of birth.


   Charlotte sy Dimby has fallen in love with La Française and is deeply honored to have the privilege of entering its magical universe.



To acquire one of these precious dolls or simply for the pleasure of the eye, please take a look at La Française's online website :