A typical French name, quite classic yet slightly mischievous ! 

Furthermore, Monique, our head designer has had the honor of dressing two princesses name Charlotte : While working for Bonpoint, one of the most tasteful French children’s brand she designed a smocked dress with little boats worn by the Princess of Monaco at the age of 2. The picture was published in the magazine Point de Vue and had a huge success !

The atelier also made a smocked dress selected and worn by Princess Charlotte of England during her trip to Canada in September 2016.






Sy means « and » in Madagascan. It is a symbol of union.

We strongly believe in family ties and bonds. Our garments are designed as timeless pieces to be passed down with love from one generation to another.

Union in our atelier too. Each dress is the careful work of a several experts. From the design to the very last stitch each dress is the beautiful result of a team work.




Dimby is part of Monique’s last name « Ramahay – Mandimby ». It is also a Madagascan boy’s name and it means « he who has the wisdom to come after ». It is associated with heritage and transmission which are part of the brand’s identity.

48_Au jardin du quotidien chic 3.JPG

Creating high quality garments for both little girls and boys we decided to use both a masculine and a feminine name. 

Uniting an elegant timeless French style with a Madagascan expert know how we deliberately chose to put forward our dual nationality !