Monique Ramahay: Smock Pionner

The story begins in the eighties with Monique Ramahay, a young Malagasy engineer who decides to change career and, at last, to follow her dream.

Passionate about the traditional embroidery and smocks of her native island and very attracted by children’s wear, she launches her own company : "Perlin". She becomes one of the first to offer high quality "vita malagasy" ( made in Madagascar in Malagasy ) handmade clothes for the most tasteful children’s ready-to-wear labels such as Bonpoint, Cyrillus, Baby Dior, Jacadi, Tartine et Chocolat...

A NEW Energy

Following the socio-economic crisis of 1991 in Madagascar, the company faces several challenges but takes the opportunity to evolve. Monique then decides to express more strongly her real passion by focusing on limited collections letting her creativity speak freely. In 2009 she opens her own boutique in Paris in the 6th arrondissement near the Luxembourg garden. Close to little Parisians’ favorite playground, the shop is ideally located.

Her timeless smocked dresses and refined gowns with colours from her native island are a pleasure to the eye. She likes to say with a smile that just like a dust cleaner she removed the classicism and rigidity of smocked dresses. She has redefined the aura of smocked garments, setting them free from the rigid formality of times past.


Joined by Korally Ramahay, Monique and her daughter decide to bring the magic of Malagasy handmade garments overseas.

Keeping up with times and trends, they launched their online store in 2016 to dress babies and children from the whole wide world.


Due to her more than three decades old expertise and creativity Monique has earned the nickname of "Queen of Smocks". Bringing together the know-how of Malagasy embroiderers and the avant-garde spirit of Korally, the team is constantly seeking new opportunities. Deeply involved in the perpetuation of the embroiderers’ talents and proud of its heritage, Charlotte sy Dimby manages to unit tradition and modernity to fulfill the dreams of childrens and their mother.