We treat all of our dresses with the utmost care. Each garment is entirely produced by and in our Malagasy atelier from fibre to finished product. Our teams are experts with a unique know-how in smocks and embroideries. We pay close attention to each and every single detail, ensuring perfect cuts and fits and select fine fabrics of natural origin. This great care gives birth to high quality garments that can be preciously passed on from generation to generation.

Our dresses offer quality, style and comfort.



The pleats of our striped and checked fabrics are made by hand so as to put forward one colour or the other. All our embroideries are traditionally made with embroidery hoops. We call the result “needle painting” due to its delicacy. Thanks to this ancient know-how we achieve great precision and sophistication. The wrong side is almost as clean as the right side. Our hems are also made by hand in order to obtain an invisible seam. Finally, our petticoats are handmade so as to offer a sophisticated finishing.

Every detail counts and our dresses aim to be as perfect from the inside as from the outside.


a constantly renewed creativity

Of all colors, sizes and shapes, smocks make the success and style of our dresses. Offering unlimited possibilities they enhance creativity. Each season is an opportunity to experiment and renew our themes and collections.

Likewise our fabrics, practically all purchased in Madagascar are a vast playing field. We tend to favour noble fabrics like cotton and silk but enjoy adding a little fantasy with organza.

Since the eighties Monique designs each collection with passion gleaning inspiration from nature, seasons, the fantasy of children’s universe and French culture. Indeed, if smocks are a Malagasy speciality, the chosen patterns and shapes are deliberately universal and meant to please children from the whole wide world.