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December has arrived and the festive season is upon us! With the COVID, this Christmas may not be quite as we had planned it but we are determined to keep the magic of winter celebrations alive whatever the circumstances.

To inspire you, we invite you to follow our Charlotte sy Dimby's Advent countdown to Christmas :

A --  A time for love and joy

D --  Decorating our homes and towns

V - - Very happy to share and support worldwide

E -- Ending the year in beauty

N --  New ways of celebrating

T -- Timeless traditions to keep alive

Charlotte sy Dimby - celebrating Christmas
Photo by, French luxury doll creator


During the whole month, we will be sharing our ideas to help you make your own Christmas magical.

We will begin with French traditions as a way of bringing a touch of France to your celebrations. While waiting to be able to welcome you to our Parisian boutique once more, we are bringing our country to your home!

Then we will share Christmas traditions from around the world. A way to broaden our horizons and discover new cultures. We will be interviewing lovely mums worldwide.

We will also be sharing sweet holidays ideas focused on love and joy to reproduce with your family where ever you may be.

If there is one time of the year to be gentle and kind, to support and encourage one another, it is definitely that of of Christmas!

To open up this new theme, we would like to present Meg Mason's Act of Kindness Advent Calendar. The idea is to create your very own calendar and fill drawers with daily kind challenges. A sweet alternative to the classic chocolate or gift one and a lovely way to strengthen family bonds. It is not too late to start, easy to make, you can begin today and use it all month until Christmas.

Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar: Create Your Own
Photo by @lifeinmason_jar

To learn more on how to create your calendar, head over to Meg's blog. Explained step by step, she shares the one she has made with her husband and daughter. This can be done as a family tradition with one member picking a challenge each day or individually.

 Here are more ideas of acts of kindness to add to your calendar's drawers:

    • Make a unexpected compliment to a loved one or stranger 
    • Write a kind note and stick it in the street for passers to read
    • Share words of kindness on Instagram in comments or in your story
    • Find three reasons to be grateful
    • Say at least five "thank you" today
    • Take time to look for the beauty surrounding you
    • Pause to appreciate the sunrise and sunset
    • Hold the door for someone
    • Don't complain for 24h
    • Smile at someone who looks sad
    • Bake cookies for neighbors
    • Leave inspiring quotes around the house for family members to discover
    • Let someone cut in front of you in line
    • Send a hand written letter to grandparents or friends
    • Write a sweet, encouraging note and put it in your child’s lunch box or under their pillow
    • Call your loved ones and tell them why you love them
    • Take time for yourself, kindness starts with one's self!

"No act of kindness is ever so wasted!" - Be creative and open your heart wide during December!

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Charlotte sy Dimby's countdown to Christmas - Inspiring family ideas
Photo by, French luxury doll creator

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