Following our hair accessories article, we delighted to present Holly, founder of The Custard Cat and creator of handmade bespoke flower crowns.

We have collaborated on two dresses for which she made two crowns. The result left us speechless, her accessories were the perfect finishing touch to our gowns, creating a romantic fairy like look. 

Handmade custom flower crowns for girls partywear

Can you please present yourself?

I'm Holly, an English Mum of four (all under the age of 5). When I left my career to have my eldest child, I didn't realise what was to follow (twins, and then a surprise fourth!). So, I worked hard at finding a little time for myself, to not lose my own identity and to nurture my passions. 

I decided on starting my own little business when I realised, surrounded by toddlers and babies, that a return to work may be some way off! I have always been creative and what better way to develop something I can devote my time to, around my other major love, my children.

How did your passion start? What do flowers mean to you?

I have always had a keen interest in floral design and floristry display. I've spent a lot of time in Scandinavia, learning from their artistry and presentation. I suppose, flower crowns are my own personal 'hygge'. A comfortable space for me to wander and feed my creativity. I am endlessly teaching my daughters to find the magic in all they do, even in my thirties, flowers for me are just that. Always bloom with grace, and spread a little happiness.

Flowers to me have always been a symbol of hope : wild, beautiful and always finding light. Why not create items for others to share and enjoy on some of their most memorable days?

It's a wonderful experience being part of someone's wedding, Christening, special birthday, etc. 

Can you share a little about your creative process? 

As a rule, I like to work seasonally. Pulling the crisp tones and differing textures of Winter, to the soft light and warmth of Summer and all that falls in between. Much of what I create is largely in the details. Whether, matching to a theme, fabric or concept, I work hard to encapsulate seasonal foliage, wildflowers, berries or even introducing soft pearls for example. I try to encourage and develop the tone of each crown to ensure each and every one is truly bespoke.

Some crowns are made to demand the limelight, others are there to support; that's the beauty of each crown. Our trademark has fast become the inclusion of preserved gypsophilia stems. I love how they honour each crown with its own ethereal glow.

Handmade floral crowns for children

Can you give us a few styling tips and advice on how to select the appropriate crown please?

The way the crowns are designed, is to sustain growth and longevity. All are built on craft wire and ribbon, which beautifully hide a small section of elastic at the nape. This helps with a comfortable and firm hold, particularly on little ones. Once tight, this can be removed and the ribbons can be fed through craft loops (again, all well hidden). For younger girls, this is effective as it negates any slippage. Eventually, as they grow further, the crown can be tied under the hair, in a headband style. This way, they become a keepsake, part of a journey and can be worn again in many milestones to come.

My advice for infants, is to start with a daintier style crown. These are light, compact and easily paired with an array of options. If your child is comfortable with accessories, then the sky really is the limit! The midi and larger style crowns are packed with volume and texture to really add to the bohemian, vintage feel. However, all sizes are truly beautiful and delicate.

As to what to wear them with? I'm a true believe that everything feels better with flowers in your hair! These crowns can be styled up or down.. showcasing the true versatility of each creation.

Can you please remind us how to order?

All orders are taken via DM on Instagram at present. My account is @the_custard_cat

Two beautiful crowns created by Holly.

The mint and pink crown matches with our Petite Chérie dress worn by Mila and pictured by Jessica @blakeacres

Custom made floral crowns and matching embroidered dress for children - flower girl romantic look


Handmade custom flower crowns for girls partywear

The mint and peach crown matches with our La Vie est belle dress worn by Elise and pictured by Jessica @blakeacres

Custom made floral crowns and matching embroidered dress for children - flower girl romantic look

Handmade custom flower crowns for girls partywear

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