It all started with a bow! It was a bow smocking that first attracted Sierra to our brand and ever since we have dressed her two daughters, Alysia and Audrina, as well as their dolls, in matching dresses with bows of all sizes and colors! She is the source of inspiration behind this grey and white striped design with tiny pink bows.

Grey striped classic chic smocked dress with pink bow


A love for bows, the story of the design by Sierra :

My love for bows started with the birth of my eldest Alysia. The baby bedding in her room was gray damask bedding with pink bows. The first pair of shoes she wore were pink bow Mary Janes. One of her first dresses and my all time favorite was the Belle Meade Bow Play dress by the Beaufort Bonnet Company . I am still buying this bow print almost 5 years later. 

Then, the birth of my second child, Audrina, increased my love for bows! Alysia & Audrina have both grown up wearing bows, and will continue to grow up this way. I hope that when they become adults, they will both be as fond of bows as me! 

Bows represent happiness & love to me! I think of my daughters each time I see a bow. Bows symbolize my love for Alysia & Audrina! 

Charlotte Sy Dimby is the brand that took my love for bows to the next level and turned it into my very own bow world! I discovered them by following @bornonfifth on Instagram. Emily Hertz shared her trunk show collaboration collection in her Instagram stories that featured a dress with bows that was pink & grey. I immediately fell in love with the fabric of the dress and its style.

Grey striped classic chic smocked dress with pink bow

Since 2020, the Charlotte Sy Dimby team has been custom making Alysia & Audrina bow smocked dresses. We create new versions for the girls every season. In the hope to spread the love of bows and make other bow lovers happy, we decided to re-edit one of my favourite dresses. Meet the Alysia & Audrina dress : a once upon a bow dream!

Grey striped classic chic smocked dress with pink bow
White and grey striped pink tiny bow smocks

 Styling the bow dress : 

To create a full look, Sierra has found the most perfect accessories. 

Grey striped classic chic smocked dress with pink bow

Alysia is wearing an Adaline & the Fairies bow.

Grey and white pink bow striped dress
White and grey pink bow smocked dress
Both girls are wearing Age of Innocence Ellen shoes.

Below are more hair and shoe options for both babies and girls.

Charlotte sy Dimby pink and grey shoe suggestions for girls 

Charlotte sy Dimby pink and grey bow suggestions for girls

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More bows :

Constantly on the lookout for new bows, whether for home decor, fashion, accessories, Sierra shares her favorite findings. 

Bow inspiration

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Bows... and doll too

If Sierra loves to dress up her girls, she also enjoys dressing their dolls! 

Take inspiration for your own daughters’ dolls! 

The miniature outfits are by Charlotte sy Dimby.

The tea set is custom made by Annouchka Beguin. Please send an email to info@charlottesydimby.com to order yours.

The doll trunk is by Petite Keep. If you are based in Europe Meminio offers similar ones. 

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Doll tea party Charlotte sy Dimby

 Doll tea party set Charlotte sy Dimby

Doll dresses & suitcase Charlotte sy Dimby

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