Our friendship with Janae began in 2020. We initially connected through Instagram and our very first discussion was about Paris. Having visited in 2006 and 2009 she dreamed of travelling here again. Now years later and married with two children, her wish has come true! The family of four is back in Paris! 

In honor of their visit and to make their stay truly unforgettable, we have co-designed a special French capsule available here.


To create timeless memories, the English speaking professional Parisian romantic portrait photographer for couples, individuals and families L'Amour de Paris, pictured the children in their outfits.

Get to know Janae's family, learn all about the collection and its inspiration. Follow their Parisian adventures day by day and find ideas for your next journey to France.


Can you please present your family?

My husband Michael and I have two wonderful children. Our daughter Elizabeth is almost 6, and our son William will turn 2 on our trip. We live in Houston, TX and love spending time together. We love to travel with our children and explore all together.

Family trip to Paris children english speaking photographer what to wear Classic timeless traditional handmade French Paris blue white red bow heirloom peter pan collar smocked dress for babies and girls children's boutique high quality paris charlotte sy dimby

Photo by L'Amour de Paris

Can you tell us about your love story with France?

Drawn to the beauty and the history of the city, I had wanted to travel to Paris ever since my teenage years. I first spent 3 weeks in Paris after I graduated from high school, and a few years later I returned for four full weeks. I particularly loved walking around the city and admiring all of the beautiful architecture. I also loved visiting Versailles and getting lost in the beautiful gardens.

You dress your children beautifully. Can you tell us what it means to you?

Dressing my children is much more than just clothing, it's an act of love. I love dressing them in very classic pieces that will stand the test of time. This age is so precious, and I want to celebrate their childhood as long as possible. I hope one day my grandchildren can wear some of these beautiful creations. Each dress and bubble have such a special memory in my heart. 

If you had to bring only 2 things back from Paris, what would they be?

If I could bring back 2 things from Paris, the first would have to be the summer weather because it gets unbearably hot in the summer where we live. Then I would choose to bring back the entire Louvre - palace and all!

Princess flower ruffle special occasion party dress for girls classic high quality heirloom dress for children paris kids boutique Charlotte sy Dimby


We stayed on the Right Bank of the river Seine, Place Vendôme which is very central and close to many of the top sights we visited.
To make the adventure all the more exciting for the children, the Charlotte and Burlington team created a custom made map and exploration guide for the children to follow along and learn about each sight visited. View it here


We took the Eurostar train from London to Paris, and after checking into our hotel, we headed straight to L’Île aux Fées, the Charlotte sy Dimby boutique. It was so magical getting to meet Sybille (Charlotte) in person and explore the gorgeous store. She had made it so special for us and had all of our outfits ready for us as we walked in.
L'Ile aux Fées Paris boutique for children baby girl boy handmade traditional classic timeless French style dresses and clothes
L'Ile aux Fées Paris boutique for children baby girl boy handmade traditional classic timeless French style dresses and clothes
After spending time in the enchanting store discovering the collection with our owns eyes, we walked across to the Luxembourg Gardens. Dressed in their sailor outfits the kids watched the sailboats go around the water. It was lovely to stroll among the statues and flower beds. 
Sailing boats Jardin du Luxembourg paris what do with young children outdoors in Paris family trip
We then headed to dinner at Les Deux Magots, an iconic brasserie located in the Saint Germain des Prés neighbourhood. It played a important role in the Parisian cultural life of the last century and was a favorite among artists and writers. Elizabeth loved the escargots (snails) so much that we had to get her a second order. We then went back to the hotel to get a good night's sleep because the next morning was a very early family photoshoot.
Family trip to Paris with children where to eat Les Deux Magots 6eme arrondissement


On our second day, we met with the very talented photographer CheyAnne from L'Amour de Paris, for a family photoshoot. We picked three different locations and for each of them the children wore the outfits from the collection. We began at the Trocadéro for beautiful Eiffel Tower views. Elizabeth and William first wore their Bleu Blanc Rouge outfits and then their Olympics set. We then headed to the Louvre where Elizabeth wore the Key to the Museum dress. The Louvre is truly magnificent, and we had a lovely time walking around the gorgeous architecture. We then walked across to the Tuileries Gardens where Elizabeth wore her favorite dress of all. This piece is so special and the ultimate twirl dress. We even brought matching cookies all the way from Houston created by Le Swan Bakery. The kids loved eating their well deserved cookies in the garden.

After the photoshoot, we hopped in an Uber and went to explore Versailles which was the highlight of the trip for Elizabeth.
Paris with kids family trip Versailles what to wear
She loved walking in the different garden paths that seemed to always lead to beautiful fountains and statues or "a treasure" as she called it. One of my favorite memories was at the Grand Trianon when Elizabeth decided she was going to twirl the night away on the black and white marble floor overlooking the gardens.
Paris with kids family trip Versailles what to wear



The next morning, we had breakfast at Angelina and enjoyed their famous hot chocolate. After breakfast, we walked over to play at Colonnes de Buren at the Palais Royal. This famous contemporary art installation located within the 17th century palace makes the perfect playground. The kids loved running and jumping from column to column, they were so carefree and happy. This is one of my favorite memories from our trip.

Colonne de Buren travelling to Paris with children family trip journey in Paris what to visit and see best places tips and advice

We then went to Ladurée on the Champs Élysées for lunch. The decor is absolutely gorgeous, and we had a lovely time. Their macaron for the month was chai, and it was incredible. Of course Elizabeth wore her macaron dress!

travelling to Paris with children family trip journey in Paris what to visit and see best places tips and advice Ladurée Champs Elysees macaron dress
travelling to Paris with children family trip journey in Paris what to visit and see best places tips and advice Ladurée Champs Elysees macaron dress

After lunch, Michael and William headed back to the hotel for a nap while Elizabeth and I went to the Dior museum. Elizabeth had a new favorite dress with each room we went into.

travelling to Paris with children family trip journey in Paris what to visit and see best places tips and advice mum and daughter outing dior museum gallerie

Once William was awake, we headed over to Sainte-Chapelle. Elizabeth walked in first and said "Mommy, you're not going to believe how beautiful this is!" William kept saying "wow!!" over and over. It was the sweetest thing.

travelling to Paris with children family trip journey in Paris what to visit and see best places tips and advice Sainte Chapelle

We then got an Uber to take us to Carette on the Place des Vosges for dinner. The staff were all so friendly, and the food was great.

travelling to Paris with children family trip journey in Paris what to visit and see best places tips and advice restaurant where to eat carette


Our last full day in Paris began with Elizabeth dressing up in her Fancy Nancy costume and taking photos at Avenue de Camoëns with beautiful Eiffel tower views. She begged me to bring her costume because she wants to show Fancy Nancy a picture of her by the Eiffel Tower when we go to Disney World in July.
Fancy Nancy in Paris
We then had lunch at Girafe​, a  sea food restaurant which we loved because we had a nice secluded table right next to a window overlooking the Eiffel Tower. The food was great, and Elizabeth claims to have had the most delicious lemonade ever. After lunch, we enjoyed walking around the city, but it started to rain right as we got to the Pont Alexandre III.
Paris Girafe restaurant where to eat family friendly
Paris Girafe restaurant where to eat family friendly
Luckily, we had plans to meet Sybille (Charlotte) at the Louvre, and we enjoyed the remainder of the day inside. Elizabeth loved walking around the Louvre with Ms. Sybille, and I found out the Louvre is not stroller friendly. I wish I had put William in a carrier instead of bringing the stroller, but we made it work and still had a lovely time.
Le Louvre Family visit museum kid friendly what to see in Paris with children
Spending the evening at the Louvre with Sybille was such a perfect way to end our time in Paris. The next morning we were off to the train station to go back to England where we enjoyed the English countryside for the remainder of our trip. We left a bit of our hearts in Paris. We cannot wait to return someday, and it may be soon because Elizabeth is already begging to go back to Versailles in the Fall. Until then, we look forward to watching the Paris Olympics in a few short weeks!
Visiting paris family friendly


Janae's family trip to Paris is the initial inspiration of this whole capsule. Dressing her beautiful daughter and son season after season, their visit to France was the perfect opportunity to strengthen our bond and create a dream Parisian chic wardrobe. Each design is rich in symbolism and meaning.


Bleu Blanc Rouge Look

The colors blue, white and red are a nod to those of the French flag which also happen to be those of the American one. It was a sweet way to highlight our over the globe friendship.

Matching sibling brother and sister coordinated outfits for parisian family photo shoot classic smocked dressclassic two piece set for baby boys and toddlers white shirt and shorts with brace timeless heirloom children clothing charlotte sy dimby

Besides, this classic Peter Pan collar, puffed sleeves and three bow smocking design was the style which first caught Janae's eye and led her to our Charlotte sy Dimby world. The very first dress worn by Elizabeth was a pink version. She wore it to announce that she was becoming big sister to little William.

Big sister announcement pink smocked dress


Key to the Louvre Look

As mentioned above, the Louvre is among Janae's favourite places in Paris, it holds the key to her heart! Furthermore blue has been Elizabeth's favourite color. Loving all things magical and fairytales, adding a touch of silver felt only natural.

Charlotte sy Dimby cinderella blue silver key french style hand embroidery classic children clothing dress for girls paris boutique Charlotte sy Dimby

Tuileries Garden Look

When we asked Janae what images came to mind when she thought of Paris, she replied the Tuileries Garden and Marie-Antoinette. This precious lady-like gown was the perfect way to combine the two.

Princess flower ruffle special occasion party dress for girls classic high quality heirloom dress for children paris kids boutique Charlotte sy Dimby

For William we created a highly symbolic coordinated outfit. Those keen on French history would indeed know that the hot air balloon is associated to the Tuileries.

Hot Air Balloon Dungaree and Shirt : Boy’s Set classic children clothing paris boutique Charlotte sy Dimby

On December 1, 1783, a large crowd gathered to admire Jacques Charles and Aine Robert as they ascended in their hydrogen balloon. Their flight from the Tuileries Gardens to the village of Nesle located about twenty-seven miles away was the longest hot-air balloon flight attempted up to that time. 

Tuileries hot air balloon history outfit

Olympics Look

Janae also dreamt of special outfits to celebrate the upcoming Olympics in Paris which is a once in a lifetime experience.

The colors of the Olympic rings being those of the artist Piet Mondrian, we immediately thought of the French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s mythical 1965 collection created in tribute to the painter.

Olympics Mondrian French style dress

Bringing the two together, gave birth to an audacious new design! 

Olympics Mondrian French style dress


We created a matching outfit for William. It can be made upon request. Please send an email to

Charlotte sy Dimby paris olympics baby boy traditional classic handmade clothing



WeeOnes bows played a special role in the trip and were part of every outfit. We love their hair bows, and I think Elizabeth has worn a WeeOnes every day since she was 6 months old. They have the most beautiful selection of hair bows and many colors and sizes to choose from.


Elizabeth strolled, skipped and twirled all over Paris in L'Amour Shoes! William wore darling shoes from the brand too. Chic and comfortable, they were perfect.

Follow Janae's family on Instagram : @janae_michelle

For additional adventures with children in Paris, wander through the comprehensive, locally sourced guide on L'Île aux Fées.

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To receive personalised tips for your Paris trip or have a special map/illustrations made, please contact the Charlotte & Burlington family club by email at or on Instagram @charlotteandburlington.


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