Nothing makes us happier than seeing our dresses worn by sweet princesses. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous pictures and taking part in the Charlotte sy Dimby magic. Thank you for all your compliments and kind words! These reviews warm our hearts.

Twinkle from South Carolina

We cannot get enough Charlotte Sy Dimby, our favorite designer! 

Twinkle loves to twirl and play in these gorgeous dresses and we always look forward to what is coming out next. Thank you for making her feel so special in these perfectly made dresses!

Alysia and Audrina from Louisiana

Thank you to Charlotte sy Dimby for having high quality smocked dresses offered in a great selection of big girl sizes for my girls! The brand is like no other, and is one of a kind. The designer has always gone above & beyond to make my dress wishes come to life. Cheers to many more bow dresses!

Georgina from Colorado

For the past four years, I’ve chosen to dress our daughter in Charlotte sy Dimby dresses. Some of her life’s most special moments and favorite memories were made in Charlotte sy Dimby dresses; dresses with beautiful handmade details and smocking, extra fabric for full-skirt twirls, and designs that simultaneously capture the innocence of childhood and pure femininity. I thought it couldn’t get any better, but when we welcomed our son two years ago we began to dress them in matching looks for special moments and holidays. My heart swells when I see her twirling in a Charlotte sy Dimby dress and him toddling next to her in coordinating shorts. Charlotte sy Dimby is firmly intertwined with my children’s childhoods and that is something I will cherish forever as a mother.

Emilia & Elliot from Florida

We purchased our very first Charlotte sy Dimby dress for Emilia’s 1st birthday party. Since then she has worn Charlotte sy Dimby for every birthday, as well as special occasions, holidays & family photoshoots over the past four years. The tradition has even been carried on to Elliot, as he wore a Thomas short set for his first birthday. We absolutely adore the classic design, exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each and every piece. We know there are many more Charlotte sy Dimby matching moments to come and look forward to all of the special memories to be made. Emilia feels like a princess in every single Charlotte sy Dimby “twirly dress” that she wears.

Camden from South Carolina

Exquisite is the correct word to sum up these dresses which truly are works of art! I find it hard to even accurately describe the beauty of each piece. I stumbled upon your remarkable dresses while in search of an heirloom portrait. I never dreamed I would meet amazing friends and find an amazing team to assist in dressing my two children. Each dress, bubble, bow, short set, and even doll dress we have received have been absolutely stunning. Starting with the fabric and then moving on to the hand stitching and attention to detail these pieces are remarkable. I was truly amazed that the same attention and love is even poured out into the matching doll dresses my daughter had to have for her AG doll. We are so lucky to be part of the Charlotte sy Dimby family, will continue to be, and can’t wait for other little girls and boys to come join as well. There really is no other children clothier like you.

Ingrid from Utah

It’s hard to put to words how truly special these dresses and the women behind them are. They have not only created the most beautifully crafted dresses I’ve ever seen, they have also created an entire magical world where every girl is a princess and every customer a treasured family member. The love and sincerity they bring to every aspect of the experience is utterly unique, not just in the world of retail, but in the world, period! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it anywhere else, and am so grateful to have discovered, and been warmly welcomed into the Charlotte sy Dimby family. They live to make dreams come true and spread joy through their work—no request is too big or too small—and all are welcomed as cherished friends. My daughter is just 6 months old but these dresses have already marked special occasions in her life, and there is no one I will trust more to help us mark each special milestone to come. Thank you for creating such a loving and beautiful world for my little princess to grow up in! 

Hana and Yui from Japan

It was the season for flowers, so we went out to a flower garden.

My younger daughter wore a pastel green gingham dress and my older daughter wore a blue sleeveless dress.

We played with soap bubbles, had a picnic and had a good time.

It was a wonderful memory made more colourful by your dresses. 

We love the beautiful dresses you make.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Mary Charles and Collier from Georgia

Charlotte sy Dimby has been dressing my sweet girls for years! Every dress is beautiful and has so much thought and care behind every stitch! We absolutely love having these dresses for our special moments and to pass down to future generations of princesses! Thank you for everything! It is truly a dream to work together on every gorgeous dress!

Gabrielle from the Netherlands

When you enter the world of Charlotte sy Dimby, you will discover a magical place where kindness will guide you in dressing your princesses with gowns that embody love and elegance and with the whimsiness that symbolizes childhood: at every birthday or Christmas, 

Charlotte sy Dimby will have a listening ear to create unique pieces of an extraordinary and unmatched quality. No request is too much and all efforts are made to make the dreams of children and parents come true. Entering their world means joining a little family who participates in making the magic happen whilst seeing your little ones grow up and making memories that will warm your hearts for a lifetime.

Cate from California

Cate wore her first Charlotte sy Dimby dress for her 2nd birthday, and we’ve been wearing them for holidays, special occasions, and “just because” ever since!  I adore traditional children’s clothes, and the dresses are utterly timeless. The craftsmanship of everything from the dresses to matching doll outfits to sibling accessories is impeccable.  It’s not common to see such intricate smocks, and little details like perfectly lined up stripes and tartans in the pleats as well as the invisible hems and fabric-covered buttons silently signal just how special each piece really is. From Monique’s creative visions to Sybille’s utterly unmatched care for customers, everyone who encounters the brand enters the family and is treated as such.  The dresses have become a part of our lives and our stories, from Easter pastels to nautical sundresses at the beach to festive Christmas tartans. We can’t wait to visit the boutique in Paris one day and twirl in the Tuileries! 

Loretta from California

I have turned to Charlotte sy Dimby for the most important occasions in our daughters life - Christmas, Easter, her first ballet, family weddings and more. The dresses are beautifully and unique. Each is hand stitched and the craftsmanship is beyond anything I have ever seen before - from the smocking to the embroidery to the finishing on the petticoats. I can’t wait to continue to dress her in these beautiful clothes!

Rory from Connecticut

Charlotte Sy Dimby dresses are a dream! They‘re the perfect mix of classic and whimsical. My daughter squeals with joy whenever we unwrap a new dress for her to try on because they make her feel like a true princess. As beautiful as the dresses are - which they are in fact even more beautiful in person - my favorite part of Charlotte Sy Dimby is working with Sybille. She is a treasure and infuses a warmth and kindness in the shopping experience that I’ve never experienced before.

Sage from North Carolina

It has been such a joy dressing my daughter is such exquisite and elegant Charlotte sy Dimby dresses. There is nothing more magical than seeing her smile when a new dress (each with a sweet, personal note of love) arrives all the way from Paris. She truly looks and feels like a little princess every time she wears her dresses. With every beautiful, charming detail, you can feel the love that has gone into designing and creating each dress. As our favorite dresses, we choose Charlotte sy Dimby for all our special occasions. In addition to the exceptional craftsmanship, is a wonderful, kind, and gracious team.

It has been an absolute pleasure building a relationship with, and joining the beautiful family that is “Charlotte sy Dimby.” From the small (and large) gestures of kindness they have shown my family and I, to the dedication to meet my special requests, I could not be more grateful. I look forward to the many more years (and the many more dreamy dresses) that my daughter will wear, that will be cherished and passed on as timeless, heirloom pieces.

Carly and Ella from Florida

Our journey with the enchanting Charlotte Sy Dimby boutique has been nothing short of a fairy tale. From the moment we clicked our way into their wonderland, we knew we were in for a magical experience. The personal attention we’ve received has been like an embrace. They take their time to understand our unique style and preferences, making each experience a delightful adventure. The attention to detail is simply astounding. Every dress we’ve explored is like a dream come true, and the intricate designs have always left us in awe.


What sets Charlotte Sy Dimby apart is their unwavering commitment to perfection and the highest quality. It’s not just about selling children’s clothes; it’s about creating enchanting moments. Each item is a masterpiece, crafted with love and care, ensuring that every detail is perfect and exceptional. One particular memory will forever be etched in our hearts. The exact dress we had set our hearts on was momentarily out of stock. But this boutique went above and beyond, sourcing the materials and fabrics from near and far to make our dream come true. The joy we felt when we received that special package was priceless, and we are forever grateful.


As the years have gone by, Charlotte Sy Dimby has become more than just an online store; they’ve become our magical companions on this life adventure of dressing our daughters. The joy they’ve brought to our lives is immeasurable, and we can’t thank them enough for the enchantment they’ve woven into our shopping experiences. Charlotte Sy Dimby isn’t just a place to shop; it’s a portal to a world of enchantment and wonder.

Emily from Massachusetts

Our experience with Charlotte sy Dimby is always above and beyond! Although an online retailer for us they are nothing but personable and helpful. The customer experience is quite magical and we always feel like a VIP when working with them to identify our newest purchase. My daughter always chooses her beautiful handmade dresses over others in her closet, and she loves to twirl around and feel like a princess each time they are worn, whether it is a simple lunch date or special holiday occasion. It is obvious the time and thought put into each creation, yet you can wear them without worry as most are machine-washable! A dream dress for my daughter and for me! They photograph fantastically and are guaranteed to win you loads of compliments.  Each new dress makes Emily so happy. We love being part of your family, thank you for opening your arms to ours!

Eloise from Texas

It was destiny that I found Charlotte sy Dimby wandering the magical streets of Paris on a trip last year. I was immediately drawn to the classic beauty of her hand sewn smocked and embroidered creations. They truly evoke the joy of childhood. Her designs are now worn for all holidays, family photos, and special occasions in our home. We have even had the special privilege to have a few custom pieces made. Each special package that arrives makes us feel like a little piece of Paris has been delivered to our door.

Viviana from Texas

Bought our first Charlotte sy Dimby for my daughters first birthday party and made it a tradition for her to wear one of her dresses every upcoming birthday. We’re on our third year dress and we are just equally as obsessed with this one as we were with the first one. Seriously the sweetest personnel ever that help you make your vision come to life. Highly recommend!

Sofia from Singapour

Craftsmanship is truly evident in each CSD’s dresses. It’s elegant, high-quality and timeless. Each dress gives you this very special feeling and memory. What a precious feeling to see my daughter twirl, grace through and celebrate her childhood in each dress!

Sana from Japan

Charlotte sy Dimby dresses are the best dresses for me and my daughter. We especially love the Netti design and can’t tell you how many dresses my daughter already has. The embroidery is delicate and beautiful, even the lining is wonderful, I couldn’t ask for a better dress. Charlotte’s dresses make my daughter and I so happy every day. It is truly a special dress that can make every mom and girl smile. . We will continue to choose Charlotte sy Dimby dresses. In spite of the language barrier (English/Japanese) we manage to well communicate. She makes sure to take time to explain so that I understand well

Emma and Julie from Japan

Charlotte's dresses are one-of-a-kind for us. Every stitch, crafted by hand, brings warmth and emotions more than words could express when we hold the dresses. Not only for special occasions such as violin recitals, Christmas parties, but even everyday moments, wearing Charlotte's dress instantly bring smiles to children making it a special day. When our daughters touch a dress tailored just for them, they feel the love of those who support them and gain the courage to take a step forward. I hope Charlotte's dresses continue to bring color to our daughters' growing days and eagerly anticipate the moment when Charlotte's dresses reach little princesses worldwide, not just our daughters.

Arya and Alya from Illinois 

Charlotte sy Dimby is without a doubt our favorite designer for childrenswear & all things enchanting! Charlotte is one of the kindest, loveliest, & most positive people you will ever meet & has truly made us feel like a part of the Charlotte sy Dimby family! Whether I am looking for additional sizes, or have a unique dress design in mind, Charlotte has a way of turning dreams into a reality! Each dress is made with the utmost attention to detail, highest quality, & love. They also have the loveliest assortment of plush toys, books, & small treasures. I cannot recommend Charlotte sy Dimby enough & feel immensely grateful to be a part of the magical community Charlotte has created!

Liana from California

A Dreamland of Elegance for Little Fashionistas!

 I am absolutely enchanted by my experience at this delightful children's high-end clothing website ! From the moment I landed on the homepage in 2018 , I was greeted by a world of whimsy and sophistication perfectly tailored for our little one! 


**Selection:** ️️️️️ 

The range of clothing available is unparalleled. Each piece exudes charm and quality, making it a joy to browse through the carefully curated selection. 


**Quality:** ️️️️️ 

The attention to detail and craftsmanship in the clothing is truly remarkable. Every stitch, button, and fabric feels luxurious and durable. I appreciate the dedication to providing high-quality materials that ensure both comfort and style for our little fashionista. 


**Customer Service:** ️️️️️ 

The customer service experience was exceptional. The team is incredibly helpful, promptly answering my inquiries and assisting me in finding the perfect outfits for my daughter. Their passion for ensuring customer satisfaction shines through in every interaction. 


**Shipping & Packaging:** ️️️️️

 I was pleasantly surprised by the swift delivery of my order. The items arrived meticulously packaged, emphasizing the care and consideration the Eshop puts into every aspect of their service. 


**Overall Experience:** ️️️️️ 

In summary, this shop/ website is a treasure trove for parents seeking high-end clothing for their children. The combination of exquisite designs, top-notch quality, outstanding customer service, and efficient delivery makes it a standout choice. Thank you to the entire team specially “Sybille” for creating a magical shopping experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this shop / website to fellow parents who want nothing but the best for their little ones. Bravo!

Elodie and Honor from New Jersey

Charlotte sy Dimby is very close to our hearts.  Our daughters, Elodie (10) and Honor (4) adore wearing the beautiful hand smocked dresses for every special occasion and we love to visit the boutique each time we visit Paris.  Our youngest daughter says it's her favorite part of the trip because she feels "just like at home" there.  Sybille is a true treasure who takes care in helping select the perfect dress for each princess who enters the shop or shops online!  We recommend Charlotte sy Dimby dresses to everyone we know and always encourage a visit to the boutique if ever in Paris. 

Nova from the Netherlands

The most beautiful dresses are from Charlotte sy Dimby. My daughter wants to wear them every day. She loves to dance and in these dresses it is even more amazing. The whole team is also very attentive and sweet. 

Highly recommend her. It's like a candy shop, you can't have just one dress.

Sarah Cate and Callie Rose from Mississippi

We have been purchasing dresses from Charlotte_sy_Dimby since 2020 and have loved the beauty and workmanship of each dress . They will be an heirloom for the next generation . Always so beautiful !

The girls even won a portrait thanks to a collaboration made with the artist Shari Ford and the dresses.

Louisa from Connecticut

Charlotte sy Dimby is the most fabulous and charming children's boutique.. Not only is it a wonderful shop for parents who will adore the gorgeous clothing but kids will love it just the same. The dresses are most perfect for making memories and for twirling. The quality of the clothing is of unparalleled excellence! Charlotte is with out question one of the most eloquent and lovely persons we have ever encountered. She makes everything beautiful!

Delphine and Rémy from Florida

Our family absolutely loves Charlotte sy Dimby! The amount of detail and care that goes into each piece is incredible. My daughter gets so excited when we see our packages from Paris and can’t wait to bring her new little brother to the source to meet Sybille who is truly the magic in all of it. Once you stop by this shop, it will be absolutely impossible not to keep coming back over and over! We love you!

Eliza and Benjamin from Washington

No children's clothing company brings as much joy to me and my family as Charlotte Sy Dimby.  The fabrics, patterns, smocks, and customer service are unparalleled.  The craftsmanship is exceptional.  No detail - from collars, to buttons, to dress linings, to painstaking embroidery - is  overlooked.  And there is no children's designer more creative than Monique Ramahay. But the most important thing is that my children love their Charlotte Sy Dimby outfits as much as I do. They are so excited to wear their matching clothes and are eager to open each new parcel that arrives from Paris. That is the best testimonial of all!

Sae from Japan

I first came across Charlotte sy Dimby when I was looking for a dress for my now 3 year old daughter's 1st birthday. I was looking for white and pink smocking dress, I wanted a  heirloom dress. The team kindly offered to a hand-embroidered initial to make it special. The dress was wonderful, with delicate details, careful smocking, rose buds upon the puffed sleeves, and a flowy skirt...it was filled with the romanticism that I love. Not only was the dress the best, but I was also impressed by her courteous customer service, as well as the loving personality of the team. Since then, I have celebrated my daughter's birthday every year with a Charlotte sy Dimby 's dress. For her third birthday, she listened to my ideas about what kind of dress I would like and designed the perfect dress for my daughter.

The magical dress Sae dress that turned my daughter into a dreamy little princess also gave us a new friend. Because of the Charlotte sy Dimby dress, I was able to hold a Charlotte sy Dimby party with a mother and daughter friend who also loves dresses. It's a tea party for little princesses! I am grateful for this wonderful encounter. I look forward to seeing more wonderful dresses from as far away as Japan. And I dream of the day when my daughter and I can visit a store in France. With lots of love.

Moza from Qatar

I cannot express enough how much I adore this little gem of a dress shop! We visited it 2 years ago and we were greeted with the most exquisite collection of dresses that seemed to be crafted with magic and care. The attention to detail in every stitch is evident, and the selection is always fashionable and age-appropriate, making it a hit for both my daughter and me. The staff’s warmth and patient guidance in finding the perfect dress have made every shopping experience here truly special, either at the shop or online. This shop has become a cherished part of our family’s special occasions!

Lilly from Georgia

Our dresses arrived and are true French perfection! Each one fits like a glove and Lilly wears them with a glimmer in her eye knowing it’s something special. The dreamy fabrics and hand smocking makes each dress truly exceptional. We look forward to wearing the future collections and making many memories in them.

Leighton from South Carolina

Charlotte Sy Dimby is our go to designer for exquisite dresses! The craftsmanship is amazing and we love how our daughter has a unique, one of a kind dress for any special occasion. Their customer service is incredible, they always go above and beyond. We look forward to many more years of stunning dresses and being a part of this special community!

Anna-Alicia from the Netherlands

We think it is very special that we met Charlotte Sy Dimby. Charlotte sy dimby was part of many magical moments. Such as birthdays and Christmas and to embrace each new season with magic. We think it is so special because the dresses are personal and handmade into every detail. The bond we developed goes further than the dresses and clothing on it self. And that is really something to cherish!

Caroline from Florida

Charlotte sy Dimby has a way of making every occasion big or small feel beautiful and special. The classic designs make my daughter look and feel like a princess. I love that these dresses will stand the test of time. Seeing my daughters face light up when we receive a package from Paris is unmatched. Thank you for creating such gorgeous and timeless pieces!

Elena from Tokyo

 Our world has expanded with this boutique, and we are very happy to have been a part of it. Through their beautiful dresses, we have made friends who are just as fascinated by these dresses as we are. It is a boutique where we feel the love!


Anne from Alabama : I have enjoyed dressing my granddaughter in Charlotte Dimby dresses for the last 4 years. The dresses are absolutely gorgeous! The colors are so pretty and the hand embroidery and hand smocking is exquisite! The quality of the garments is top notch. I have always been 100% pleased in this company being able to dress my precious Frances in extraordinary fashion. I need to make clear that I am extremely picky about children’s clothing. It has to be right. It is important.


Noora from Qatar : The most beautiful and special hand smocked dresses for little girls with the best customer service ever! Charlotte Sy Dimby holds a special place in my heart because it has become a part of my children's magical childhood and their most special moments dressed in Charlotte Sy Dimby.


Carol from Washington :  I get such pleasure out of seeing the constant supply of new dresses. I can't get past the talent these women possess. Each stitch is just exquisite. The fabrics at Charlotte sy Dimby are so high quality. It's French and Parisian so expect the best and you will still be surprised at the high quality and level of service. I love getting emails from Charlotte telling me of new designs but they go so fast. You have to act quickly. Kindness coupled with design and quality, make this an unbeatable company. Be prepared to be delighted. 


Mollie and Milla from Georgia

Charlotte sy Dimby has been my place to go for my girls dresses for years now. Every big or small event, either baptism, first communion, Easter, Christmas or just simple Sunday church outfit I reach out to them and they truly make the magic happen. Never ever disappoint. Their dresses are absolutely stunning, elegant, high quality with details always on point. Working with them is pure joy, always so helpful and ready to make my girls extremely happy. The sweetest and kindest person I’ve ever worked with.  Best part for us is their sweet, personal note that comes with each dress like they know exactly what we celebrate, like they are part of our family. Always happy day here when we get package from Paris No better place for incredible girls dresses. Thank you for being fashionable part to our family” love you forever!

Contessa and Arabella from New Jersey

A sweet note from their Mommy Susan: My dream was to go shopping for French dresses for my darling little daughters in Paris. "A la Ms. Madeline" Thank you Charlotte sy Dimby and the lovely Sybelle for making my dream come true. A dream is truly a wish your heart makes when it is fast asleep.  I took my daughter Contessa to shop at their Parisian boutique "L'ile aux Fees" on her very first trip to Paris.  It was such a special moment for her, and Mommy and Daddy. I have 3 darling little girls and plan to buy them many more darling little French dresses. Sybelle has gone above and beyond for us, the Tartan dresses in the picture were shipped directly to our hotel in Scotland for a lovely wedding of our dearest friends.  Sybelle really makes all the visitors to the store feel special.  I can't wait to bring my other sweet daughters to the Parisian boutique.  And being that my youngest daughter is only 3, my girls have many more years of enjoying French dresses.  Merci to including our family in your testimonials.  

Juliette from New York

My daughter and I just love these gorgeous dresses from Charlotte sy Dymby!  We have worn them for both fancy and casual occasions and they are perfect every time.  From Christmas, to Disney World and everything in between, we look forward to more dresses to twirl and shine in.  The best part is the amazing customer service and willingness to make a vision come to life.  We are so looking forward to wearing more dresses this year! 

Felicity from Washington

Your dresses are Felicity’s absolute favorites! I have always believed in classic and timeless and beautiful clothes and toys that inspire the magic and joy of childhood as lived out in their own beautiful way. Thank you for doing just that!


Anne from Alabama : I have enjoyed dressing my granddaughter in Charlotte Dimby dresses for the last 4 years. The dresses are absolutely gorgeous! The colors are so pretty and the hand embroidery and hand smocking is exquisite! The quality of the garments is top notch. I have always been 100% pleased in this company being able to dress my precious Frances in extraordinary fashion. I need to make clear that I am extremely picky about children’s clothing. It has to be right. It is important.


Noora from Qatar : The most beautiful and special hand smocked dresses for little girls with the best customer service ever! Charlotte Sy Dimby holds a special place in my heart because it has become a part of my children's magical childhood and their most special moments dressed in Charlotte Sy Dimby.


Carol from Washington :  I get such pleasure out of seeing the constant supply of new dresses. I can't get past the talent these women possess. Each stitch is just exquisite. The fabrics at Charlotte sy Dimby are so high quality. It's French and Parisian so expect the best and you will still be surprised at the high quality and level of service. I love getting emails from Charlotte telling me of new designs but they go so fast. You have to act quickly. Kindness coupled with design and quality, make this an unbeatable company. Be prepared to be delighted. 

Charlotte from Tennessee 

First, when I saw this dress it was an immediate YES from the heart Charlotte helped me customize it with a big bow on the back and made Ayden a matching bow tie. She also sent it wrapped beautifully with coloring pages and a personalized note for each kiddo. If you have a special occasion coming up, please consider her shop. I have received so many compliments on her dress and it truly is the most special dress I have ever owned. I’m so glad we sized up so I can get another year out of it.


A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend. Wearing a classic smocked dress by Charlotte sy Dimby has something magical & timeless about it which reminds me of the way my mama used to dress me as a little girl!

Emma from Texas

I received the dresses and they are a dream!! I am speechless! Beautiful dresses! I can’t wait for Emma to wear them. I always admire all your dresses and keep them all in our very special wardrobe with our favorite pieces!

Adele from Alabama

Charlotte Sy Dimby are one of a kind exquisite dresses! The details to quality are amazing. My favorite photo of one of my granddaughters is in her Charlotte Sy Dimby dress! Once in a lifetime dresses for your children!

Picture by Born and Raised Studio

Alice from Maryland

I can’t imagine a special occasion without Charlotte sy Dimby.  Each dress is a true work of art but the personalized experience is why we love Charlotte sy Dimby so much.  They are so caring and always make my daughter feel like a real life princess!

Picture by Born and Raised Studio

Gabrielle from Australia

Our ‘Little Miss G’ (Gabrielle) wearing one of your stunning creations. On the occasions she has worn the dress, she has had many positive comments regarding the design, material, quality and beautiful workmanship. We proudly name you and would recommend your clothing to others. Thank you from one happy customer.

Penelope from the Netherlands

I cannot recommend Charlotte sy Dimby enough; from their attentive customer service to their impeccable smocked dresses, they are truly the epitome of high-quality classic children’s fashion. Every little girl needs at least one of these heirloom dresses in their wardrobe!

Jaelyn and Jonathan from California

Charlotte sy Dimby dresses are not just clothing, they are magic! What a joy to dress my little girl in these garments of impeccable quality and craft, with a truly stunning result each time. My daughter feels like a princess when she wears CSD! I also adore being able to have matching dolly dresses and bow ties made so she can match with her baby and her big brother—it makes for the absolute sweetest moments! Thank you to Charlotte and the whole team for being so exceptional in every way and helping us create the most magical memories!

Arabella from New York

Charlotte sy Dimby has been such a pleasure and joy to work with since day one! Even if she might be quite busy, she always makes us feel like we are valued and special with a keen eye and attention to detail - and that shows in the quality of her beautiful dresses and relationships with all of her clients! The dresses are all treasures we will keep for generations to come! We love Charlotte sy Dimby and cannot wait to visit her storefront in Paris!

Cari Ann from Atlanta

We wore our dresses to see Santa today and they looked beautiful! They fit each child perfectly and are really very stunning. Thank you again for helping me create the 3rd dress! We will cherish these dresses for years to come. 

Taleen from Arlington

She calls this her princess dress & I can completely see why! When I first saw this stunning hand stitched dress online, I fell in love. I am so glad to have you on our family journey with us and all your beautiful thoughts. Thank you for making lifetime memories through your children’s clothing.


Maevi from the Netherlands

I was a full-time mother for the first 1.5 years of my daughter's life. I discovered at that time a large mommy community on Instagram. I met many other moms and discovered a world of wonderful brands. Charlotte sy Dimby was the brand that blew us away! 


Almost three years later, Charlotte sy Dimby has become our all time favorite brand for dresses! These incredibly beautiful handmade dresses make unforgettable moments even more special. They are true fairy tales! We are grateful for your good care and service, always thinking along with amazing ideas and your kind words. We hope we can wear your dresses for many years to come!


Maisara from Australia

To consider Charlotte sy Dimby simply a children's wear store is to only scratch the surface! It is a a magical, whimsical place where little girls can find handcrafted, one of a kind dresses fresh from the pages of a fairytale, find a pen friend, enter beautiful photography competitions and share in the adventures of a doll and her bear, all while learning French!

My daughter Maisara and I have been loyal customers of Charlotte Sy Dimby for several years now and Maisara will hopefully be wearing these exquisite creations until she sadly outgrows them. What a heartbreaking day that will be! I would find it absolutely impossible to choose a favourite from among the incredible gowns I've purchased from Charlotte Sy Dimby for Maisara over the past few years-the golden daffodils, the rose coloured velvet with coordinating blouse, the tangerine coloured dream with hand embroidered nasturtiums and a deep purple and gold one of a kind creation designed and made just for Maisara- are just a few of the truly exceptional pieces that will be carefully packed away to be hopefully handed down the generations.

It is so rare in this fast paced, mass produced world to find unique, thoughtfully created garments with delicate detailing all lovingly made by hand. Rarer still is the exceptional, personal customer service offered by Sybille on behalf of Charlotte Sy Dimby. It's so clear that each little customer is so genuinely treasured and adored and that seeing them in their beautiful dresses is a joy shared between all parties. I will never forget the time, kindness and generosity of spirit Sybille offers her customers. I look forward to seeing Maisara mark many more special moments in her childhood while wearing Charlotte Sy Dimby, enveloped in the love that is sewn into each and every dress.


Elle Rose Jolie from the Netherlands

 Charlotte sy Dimby is every girl’s dream come true. Their collections are always so beautiful, unique and elegant, with all the handmade details. You see all the effort, time and love that is put into every item they make. Also their customer service is unique and actually the best I ever experienced. Nothing is too much and they always take the next step to create what the customer is looking for. They made all Elle’s special dresses, her first Christmas dress, first birthday dress and so on (I am going to frame them in her room once they are too small)


Stella and Lola from New York

For almost five years now, I have been dressing the girls in Charlotte sy Dimby dresses for each of one our special occasions and parties! Each piece is one of a kind. I love the fact they are handmade with love, it means a lot to me. We always make magical photo shoots creating beautiful souvenirs. We have created such a special relationship with this brand… A dream come true! Always a source of inspiration!


Groovy from Spain

Thank you for always putting a smile on Groovy’s face. She wears your dresses for everything - special events and birthdays, but also climbing trees, running and dancing with friends. Your dresses are beautiful and timeless and so well made. They are by far our favorite - especially when accompanied by a trip to see you at the shop in Paris!

Millie from Atlanta

My daughter and I love dressing her baby girl in your Charlotte sy Dimby dresses! We love their exquisite smocking, excellent workmanship and material, but mostly the way they make our little love look even more precious. We look forward to dressing her in these magical dresses for many years to come! Thank you for making these special dresses!

Chloe from Mozambique

Charlotte Sy Dimby is more than just a brand. It is a beautiful community, spreading love and joy through timeless clothes, heavenly dresses and words that touch your heart. It was by coincidence that I came across this amazing brand and has definitely grown to be my absolute favourite and number one choice for special occasions.

NJ from Charlotte

The quality of this dress is simply superb! The fabric is so lush and the lining keeps its shape perfectly! I look forward to making many more memories clothed in your collections!

Adeline and Eloise from Texas

I do not have all the words to describe how beautifully crafted our dresses are from Charlotte sy Dimby. The quality and attention to detail reveals not only the most stunning designs, but also the care with which each hand stitch was created. Our family treasures every design we have bought and it’s obvious that these dresses can be passed down for generations to come! I would be remiss if I did not take the time to mention Charlotte’s generosity of spirit and kindness—she is a joy to know and is a sweet friend. When you buy a piece from her, you will treasure the dress forever!

Rhytts from Virginia

The dresses are exquisite, and the quality is unsurpassable. I’ve never witnessed better customer service, the team goes above and beyond to make sure you are pleased.

Arabella from Los Angeles

I certainly see why the royals and celebs alike buy their princesses these stunning handmade, one of a kind dresses. If you’re looking for something special for your lil sunshine or as a gift, you won’t be disappointed!

Frazier from Misssissippi

The dresses are just absolutely gorgeous with an eye for detail that is rarely seen. We keep adding to her growing collection! I know I can always count on you to create the most beautiful things. I appreciate the dress lining. Nobody else takes such care in the making of them and it just shows what high quality you have committed yourself to.

Cam from Charleston

I was introduced to these dresses by @courtneylroyal and after seeing them in person, I was sold. I immediately hopped on and bought the most gorgeous palm dress. I remember when it came in, remarking on the fabric and how soft it is. The movement is truly beautiful. As we’ve received each dress, the details within are stunning. I’ll have to do a close up later because the art on these dresses matched with the hand stitching is incredible . Not only are these dresses beautiful- there’s also a great story & mission behind them.

Suzanna and Georgia from Texas

Working with the team at Charlotte sy Dimby was simply magical. I never dreamed of being able to design custom, heirloom quality dresses for my two little girls. They were more than helpful every step of the way and made the process feel so personal. The customer service was beyond excellent and I’m telling you these one of a kind dresses are a steal when you consider the quality and bespoke design. I’m looking forward to adding more of these beautiful pieces to our closets as my girls grow! Thanks again for making our dress dreams come true!


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