Capturing the beauty of childhood through exquisite nursery decor with Gail Reiter Sedigh

A child’s room is where love resides, memories are created and laughter never ends.

Making dreams come true, Gail Reiter Sedigh, founder of AFK furniture (Standing for Art for Kids) based in Los Angeles, provides the most exquisite baby luxury furniture pieces and custom made nurseries. A beautiful way of celebrating the magic of childhood.

Gold standard for children’s interior design, we asked her to tell us more about her work.

Luxury children's nursery decor - Gail Sedigh AFK

How did your passion for interior design start?

I believe it started quite young. When I was child, I adored the book ELOISE about the little girl who lived at The Plaza. I loved her messy room! Today, we actually have two pieces in our line that are definitely inspired by her : our Camilla Sofa and our Eloise Clothes Tree

But I took the big leap during my first pregnancy. I quit my job in the entertainment industry to follow my lifelong passion : children’s interior design. My very first product was the “Framed Names”, alphabets with charming characters forming the letters. It had an immediate success. AFK is now almost forty years old, it continues to enchant families all over the world and to bring me joy daily.

Luxury children's nursery decor - Gail Sedigh AFK

Can you describe your way of working?

Whether designing a piece of furniture or a room, I strive for beauty, function and practicality. Children literally live in their rooms, so I want their space to feel peaceful and nurturing. I work hand in hand with families creating unique bonds with each one. I always put all my heart and passion into conjuring up the very best designs I can!

To accomplish dreams and meet high quality and safety standards, we work with the best craftsmen using centuries old techniques. All the pieces are designed with solid wood construction, dove-tailed drawers, under mounted glides beautiful hardware and are painted in our California workroom using water-based non-toxic finishes. Everything can be custom made-to-order.

Can you share one of your most precious memories during the creation of a child’s room? 

I loved working with Mariah Carey, I designed her Los Angeles nursery for her twins, Monroe and Moroccan. I also furnished her NYC nursery, working with the legendary designer, Mario Buatta. What a character he was!

Children luxury nursery decor inspiration - Gail Reiter Sedigh AFK

Can you give a tip on how to plan a child’s nursery decor? 

When planning a nursery, I always ask the parents to think about a favorite element they envision in the room : it could be a certain style crib, a wallpaper… It could even be a lovely window treatment. I then design the whole decor from this starting point.

Children luxury nursery decor inspiration - Gail Reiter Sedigh AFK

How does your work capture the magic of childhood?

Through my rooms, I hope to provide a lot of comfort and a bit of whimsy: a  haven of peace for quiet play and discovery! A place to restore in and grow!

Children luxury nursery decor inspiration - Gail Reiter Sedigh AFK

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